Trick or Treat This Halloween!

It’s time to get stuck in to the first festive holiday of the season: Halloween!

Follow our checklist and prepare for a supernatural weekend that’s bound to have you cackling with hair-raising joy. 


1. Sip on a pumpkin-spiced hot drink while you decide what you’ll be carving into your Jack-O’-Lantern. The little one’s favourite cartoon character? A scary face? Or something unexpected? Have great fun with the entire family, but make sure to take care with sharp objects!

2. It’s impossible to get into the mood without plenty of ghastly decorations to get that hocus pocus energy in the air. Put cobwebs up in every corner, pop rubber spiders in unexpected places or try creating strange, spooky lanterns with your empty fruit pots!

3. Whip up a treat for your hungry little monsters and whiz peaches with mascarpone, then layer over crushed chocolate biscuits to make spooky puddings. You can even use your fruit pots as the mould! Or unleash your inner trickster and pop some prunes into chocolate cupcakes for some ghoulishly nutritious treats.

4. Dressing up is a traditional part of the celebration so get your costumes ready! Whether you’ve decided to be a clown or a zombie, pull out those face paints and get into the spirit. Yes – that goes for all you adults too!

5. Pop on your favourite spine-tingling horror movie, start playing those terribly-terrifying tunes and get those Halloween sweets ready. You’re all set for the best Halloween party ever!


How do you celebrate Halloween? 

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