7 Tips for a Better Breakfast
These are our top tips to create a better breakfast!

1. Morning Matters

healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we love a breakfast with fruit to expand our taste horizons! Life is better when filled with variety, so why not start with your diet? Enjoy better breakfasts by making fruit salads and smoothies a thing of the past and have some fun with breakfast fruit recipes!

2. Grapefruit Goals

An all-time breakfast favourite: the mighty grapefruit! The eating grapefruit technique is a tricky one to master so we’ve made it easier with our new Grapefruit pots. Palate cleansing abilities are just one of many grapefruit benefits. Add the slices to an egg and bacon breakfast for a refreshing taste addition.

3. No Alarms

On some mornings, we only surface in time for an indulgent SundayOn some mornings, we only surface in time for an indulgent Sunday brunch! As a breakfast/lunch combo, brunch should be more  substantial than breakfast. We love a bruschetta with goat cheese, pear, walnuts and honey; a perfect combination of sweet and savoury to satisfy your late morning hunger!

4. Lazy Days

Special occasion or not, eating breakfast in bed is one of our favourite ways to enjoy our first meal of the day. No matter what’s on your breakfast menu, the addition of flowers and a pot of freshly brewed English Breakfast tea is a must for that extra special touch!

5. Mix it Up

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast, breakfast smoothie bowls are going to steal your heart! This is one of our favourite fruit recipes. A fresh twist on fruit salad for breakfast norms, this blended peach smoothie is topped with delicious berries and cocoa nibs but you can top with anything you like. Nothing better than an inventive morning!

6. Top This!

Fruit makes the perfect topping to brighten up a bowl of yoghurt, cereal or oatmeal for an easy breakfast and an easy morning. Peaches, banana, grapefruit and mango make great additions as well as honey and Chia seeds, which are a good source of protein!

7. Rise a toast!

You can’t go wrong with a slice of toast! The epitome of simple breakfast recipes is to top toasted bread with something tasty. From smashed avocado and eggs to berries and syrup, toast is a versatile base to build your favourite breakfast foods upon. Why not try using our mandarins to make a delicious jam?