Time to get creative..  

Start the year with craft ideas to enjoy with the kids. Gather your empty fruit pots and see the different ways you’ll be able to re-use them!

Trying your hand at gardening this year? Recycle an old fruit pot, grab some fresh soil and teach the kids how fruits and vegetables grow with a seed planter. You could even create a grand terrarium with a large plastic pot!

Keep an eye on the wildlife at home and make a cute little bird feeder. Avoid waste and give nature a helping hand too!

If the kids need help spotting their winged visitors, have fun recycling your pots and turning them into explorer-worthy toy binoculars. A lick of paint and double-sided sticky tape should do the trick!

Worried those new paintbrushes, pencils or crayons will go astray? Pop them in an empty pot and tuck them away for when they need them next time.

Feeling adventurous? Fill half an empty pot with baby oil, throw in sequins, glitter and more Top with water, add a dash of food colouring of your choice, then glue the lid closed. Hey presto! A nifty glitter lava lamp to keep your kids entertained and mesmerised!

Store your arts and craft essentials to save them from the bin. Whether you’re dealing with play dough, stickers, buttons or unfinished snacks – simply pop the lid on to keep everything safe.

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What will you and your little ones make with your empty fruit pots? Share your creations with us on Twitter @NatFinestFruit!