Wondering when to make your Christmas pudding? Sunday 26th November is Stir up Sunday – the official day to gather the family and make this Christmas favourite. Here are some top tips so you’re ready to cook your traditional British pudding! 

1. 13 ingredients go into making the classic festive fruit cake, with tasty prunes, dried fruit and breadcrumbs all going into the mixing bowl. Feeling adventurous? Try adding a few mandarin segments or some grated chocolate for a delicious twist.

2. Wooden spoons are the key to getting the perfect stir, so pick your tool wisely. Then stand back and watch the fun, as the kids and adults have a good go at mixing it all up. 

3. Legend has it that if everyone in the family gives the Christmas pudding mixture a good stir, their wishes will come true. Just make sure to stir from east to west! 

4. Your pudding needs to be the showstopper of the dessert spread, so get the little ones to decorate it to make it stand out. But make sure the kids don’t get too carried away with the holly and icing! 

5. When Christmas dinner is over, and the time has come to serve the puddings, try adding fresh cream or a scoop of ice cream. If granny wants a slice, keep her happy with a good dash of brandy sauce too!

Think you’re ready to give it a go? Try our quick and simple Christmas Pudding recipe, and then share your pictures on Twitter