Some Seriously Fruity Hydration!

We’ve all been experiencing sizzlingly high temperatures here in the UK over the past few weeks, but did you know that one of the best ways to stay hydrated is by eating fruit?

Certain fruits are perfect for summer weather due to the fact that they have rich water content, delivering hydration to our bodies at the same time as being super delicious!

Peaches are known to be plentiful in water as well as packed full of vitamins – it also happens to be a bonus that they’re super yummy! *

These extremely delicious fruit are perfect for summer and taste great in salads, smoothies or even grilled on the BBQ for an especially decadent summer treat!

Mandarins are an extremely juicy fruit and deliciously refreshing in the summer sun!

Containing essential vitamins & minerals, mandarins are thought to help promote a healthy immune system and contribute to heart health **
Hydration is also key to keeping your kidneys healthy and the high water content in Mandarins is perfect in assisting with this! ***

Grapefruit is a particularly zesty citrus fruit and makes for an extremely healthy option to go for during the warmer months.

Delicious topped on salads or just on their own as a refreshing snack, several studies have suggested that they could even be responsible for promoting weight loss. ****

And last, but most certainly not least, our juice (contained within our pots) has no added sugar and is perfect for slurping once you’ve finished with your fruit – the perfect finale to an utterly refreshing snack!

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And remember, if you are enjoying the hot weather – make sure to protect your skin and always carry water with you! Whilst our prunes are delicious, we wouldn’t want you looking like one!