We hope you had a chaos free day!

A big thank you to everyone who has shared their Multi-tasking tips and fails. We have included the top tips and fails below for you all to enjoy.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners and our two big winners Vicky Clair Russell and Rachel Elizabeth Dixon who will be enjoying a lovely spa break.

Thank you all for taking part and sharing!


Regularly cook dinner whilst making important phone calls with the handset wedged under my chin. I’m thinking of investing in a pair of micro duster slippers so I can polish the floor whilst chasing around after the kids.

Karry Salt

Multitasking has become second nature to me now, every day I get in from the afternoon school run (pickup) cook the dinner whilst washing up too, listening to my son reading his school books, making them drinks and running the kids’ baths (only hot water) so that it is ready for them 20mins after finishing dinner (perfect temp) I’ve got it all down to a T. However, if 1 of them fails then the whole network does. I win more than I lose.

Vicky Clair Russell

My own personal definition of a multi-tasker… Me, Myself & I. Between the three of me, we get the jobs done!

Paige Burgard

Carry a cuppa whilst on my crutches… and switching the light off with my forehead… it’s surprising how you learn to do things when you have no choice!

Lynn Evans


Yesterday I was in the kitchen making hubbies tea, trying to help my Son with his maths homework and eating a quick sandwich before rushing out to work myself when I picked up my sandwich (instead of a mushroom) and threw it in the frying pan – I then burnt my fingers trying to retrieve it!

Elaine Bates

I crochet while I watch TV, and talk to hubby at the same time, but one occasion I forgot the rhubarb crumble in the oven and it ended up in the bin!

Marina Porter

Trying to cook dinner and answer the phone while house training a puppy! I got the phone, turned around to turn the hob down and trod in a “gift” from the dog!

Katie Brealey

Trying to text and load the washing machine… didn’t realise until there was a clonking noise coming from the machine that I’d left my phone in the laundry load!!

Rachel Elizabeth Dixon

My day off work on Friday, trying to catch up emails whilst eating breakfast! Cereal and milk…Mmm yummy! One slip of the hand and milk and cereal are all over the keyboard! My next job (after cleaning up the mess) is a visit
to my nearest Curry’s store for

a new keyboard. Lesson learned – don’t type when you are eating!

Michele Platman