Christmas Baubles

As we move into the Christmas season, homemade baubles are a great way to up-cycle Nature’s Finest 113g lunch pots and get the kids in the Christmas spirit!

What you need:

  • 2x clean empty 113g Nature’s Finest fruit pots
  • Ribbon
  • Sticky tape
  • Decorations, e.g. feathers, glitter, sequins, coloured paper


Click here to download the
step-by-step guide.



1. Choose your filling
Take one of your two empty pots and fill with your choice of decoration, for example feathers, glitter, coloured paper, sequins.

2. Make the hanger
Make a loop in a piece of ribbon and join the ends together with a knot. Hang the ribbon loop over the edge of the filled pot, with the knot inside the pot.

3. Join the pots together
With sticky tape, tape over the join between the two pots so that none of your decorations can escape. It is easier to use small pieces of tape and smooth them as you go. Be careful not to tip your pots until you have taped all the way around! Tape up to each side of the ribbon as close as you can, the knot inside the pot will keep the ribbon attached.