Christmas Recipes!

Are you panicking about what you’ll serve this Christmas?

After all, no one wants to be stuck in the kitchen so long that they miss out on the celebration. Read our super-easy, simple recipe suggestions for the festive season. 

1. Make sure everyone gets involved with the festivities this year. Grab some cocktail sticks, plenty of juicy fruit and build yourself an indulgent chocolate fondue. Our favourites are pineapple chunks and fluffy giant marshmallows – but watch out for those cheeky double dippers too!

2. Don’t have much of a sweet tooth? Create a wonderful cheese board, packed full of your savoury favourites to nibble on. Make it fun with a classic cheese and pineapple hedgehog at your party, and maybe the odd smelly piece of Stilton and some juicy grapes to keep the older members of the family happy?!

3. Likely to  be pressed for time with loads to prepare? Whip up a quick masterpiece for after Christmas dinner in minutes! You’ll need a sponge cake (cheat and buy it – we won’t tell!), some whipped cream and plenty of juicy pineapple chunks. Add glaced cherries on top for an extra pop of colour. Don’t forget to leave room for that obligatory mince pie later!

4. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a traditional Christmas pudding. Spruce up your “Stir Up Sunday!” creation and lather a slice with your favourite sauce – and maybe an extra dash of custard for mum! If you want to create that traditional Christmas pudding flame – make sure you stand well back before you enjoy!


So grab your Christmas jumpers, play your favourite songs and enjoy! Share your quick and easy creations with us on Twitter @NatFinestFruit!