Mums, it’s time to step into Spring!


It’s finally that time of year. The days are just starting to get a bit longer, the mornings are getting their shine back and it’s finally starting to warm up (a bit!). That’s right, Spring is nearly here!

March truly is a jam-packed month for parents. With lots to look forward to, like Mother’s Day and of course the first day of Spring, it’s important for Mums to keep their energy levels up! It’s not just the kiddies who need something sweet 😉



Did you know?


Before Spring, the season used to be called Lent in Old English. Then, in the 14th century, it was called Springing Time – a reference to plants “springing” from the ground. In the 15th century this got shortened again to Spring-Time. And just when you thought they’d made up their minds, it was shortened once more in the 16th century to Spring. It makes you wonder – what’s it going to be called next!?

So, whether you’re on the school run, on your way to work, or looking after your little monsters, mums need to keep that extra bit of “springiness” too! We think that our snacking range is ideal for on the go, with plenty to choose from, there’s a pot for every mood

To make sure you’re feeling a little exotic, our Pineapple and Mango in Coconut Water pots are an ideal snack – they’re low in fat… and very, very tasty!

All of our snacking range contributes towards your five a day, meaning you can enjoy them on a daily basis without being judged (by Sue from finance)!

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