Mums the word this month…and rightly so!

In case you didn’t know (naughty you if not!) – Mother’s Day is on March 31st and at Nature’s Finest, we’ve been thinking just how great Mums are. They cook us scrummy meals, they wash our stinky clothes and we think it’s time she deserved a little TLC herself.

All Mum’s would love to be whisked away on an exotic escape to a sunny Paradise, and although we can’t offer a beach holibob, we do have an idea to guarantee a taste of the Tropics for her to enjoy.

This Mother’s Day let Mum recline in her most comfy chair, ask her to close her eyes and imagine she’s on a Caribbean beach far, far away. Think, soft yellow sand and the sound of the waves gently crashing. Now it’s time to hand her one of our moreish and yummy Tropical Fruits Pots – the perfect refreshing accompaniment for such a warm setting don’t you think? Pssst, they’re made for sharing, so ask nicely 😊.

Or why not swap your Mum’s special Pina Colada juice for a pot of our refreshing Pineapple in Coconut Water full of juicy chunks and bursting with exotic flavours.
While she daydreams, you and Dad can be busy in the kitchen preparing some delicious Mango Guacamole to kickstart your Mother’s Day lunch.

Just remember it’s the little things that count, after all there are so many ways that Mum can enjoy a treat on Mother’s Day – come take a look at how Blogger Jaime Oliver celebrating hers.

Make your Mummy feel special on Mother’s Day and don’t forget to snap and share your moments with us on social media.
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