Jelly, Jelly, Jelly!

Variety is the spice of life… Scratch that: Jelly is life! Stay springy with our extra yummy chilled jelly pots 😎 No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives to give you and the little ones the right kind of bounce in your step!​

Even if your little ones have had a bit of a bad day, our little pots of jiggling, juicy, fruit flavoured treats will give them the right sort of wiggle to get them back to their usual selves… They’re also perfect for when Mum and Dad have had a tough one too!

Did you know, the word Jelly first appeared all the way back in the 18th century? Famed English cookery writer, Hannah Glasse, penned the word for the first time in her cookery book, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy.

Speaking of recipes, why not get a bit adventurous with this sweet pot of wobble? Check out this incredibly easy and tasty fruit salad that will be sure to have the whole family beaming from ear to ear!

What you’ll need:

Nature’s Finest Mixed 4pack of Jelly – for that added variety!

Nature’s Finest Tropical Fruit in Juice

Nature’s Finest Mandarin in Juice

– Or any other fruit of your choice!

Making tasty treats has never been so easy! One jelly pot is the perfect size for one serving, so you won’t run the risk of you or your mini-me’s getting all filled up before dinner.

1. Starting with your choice of jelly, scoop it into your bowl and resist the urge to just start eating!

2. Next really is just as simple – portion out the Fruits in Juice and fresh grapes (that’s our choice of fruit!)  into a size you think is appropriate for you and the little ‘uns. This mini recipe is so easy and mess free, and can be put together in just minutes!

Ideal for a weekend lunch or yummy weekday-evening dessert, the little ones will be scrambling to get their (hopefully not sticky!) mitts all over these delicious mini fruit salads! The Strawberry and Blackberry Mixed Pack has it all. Four flavoursome pots – two delicious tastes, guaranteed to get everyone berry, berry excited.

What are you and your mini monsters getting up to? Don’t forget to share all your fruity antics with us!

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Best wishes,

Nature’s Finest