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Fruity ideas for pure lunchbox joy

Remember opening your lunchbox to discover its plain and rather dull contents? Stay in your little one’s good books with our top tips that are guaranteed to keep a smile on their face and the envy of all their classmates during a busy day of school!

  1. Kid-friendly lunch box bars are a fantastic way to sneak key nutrients into their diets. Packed full of fruit goodness with Pineapple and Mango these super delicious bars are a real treat for their taste buds – you may even end up with special request from their friends too!
  2. If your child is obsessed with snacks, give our Mango roll-ups recipe a go. Our no added sugar alternative is sure to give them a well needed Vitamin-C boost too. So why not sneak them into their lunchboxes for a mid-week pick me-up?

3. Are your kids keen to show just how grown up they really are? Let them choose their own snack pot to choose for lunch. Mango, peach or tropical fruits? The choice is all theirs and they’ll have fun sipping the fruit juice up afterwards.

4. Once packed lunch prep is over, gather up bits and bobs and empty fruit pots for a fun arts and crafts session. Our easy peasy walkie talkies will have your little ones nattering into each other’s ears, rather than yours. Instant win! Snap and share your lunchbox creations with us on Twitter for the chance to win a Nature’s Finest ‘Back to School’ drawstring bag!