Share a Smile for Mental Health UK and Nature’s Finest

It takes two to mango

We’re brimming with excitement to announce our new partnership with the prestigious charity, Mental Health UK, to help support the one in four people affected by poor mental health in the UK.

A fruitful pearing

With over 40 years’ of experience, Mental Health UK supports people experiencing poor mental health, their family, friends and peers alike. They believe that by sharing the facts, creating more understanding and talking about how we feel, can help the nation lead happier, healthier lives… and we want to help make a difference as well!

How we’re helping to grow awareness

Over the next 12 months we’re on a mission to raise a juicy £25,000! From June 2019 onwards, our fridge pots (700g) will wear a new charity lid sticker with pride, stating that 2p of each jar sold will be donated to Mental Health UK.

Communicating can be hard, but we want to help ‘share’

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, where we’ll be sharing a smile with facts and tips, in partnership with Mental Health UK (such as how to: keep a balanced diet, be creative through food and staying active) all contributing factors that have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

What can the donation buy?

The donation of £25,000 will have an invaluable impact in raising awareness of the work the charity does for those experiencing poor mental health. For instance, it could help fund the running costs of 125 of their support groups for a year, giving members the vital long-term reassurance of support. In addition, just £5 can help to pay for mental health awareness posters, and £57 can help someone experiencing mental health problems access weekly support from an existing local group for 14 months.

There’s one more way to help #ShareASmile

To be featured on our social media channels, download our fruity smile template and #ShareASmile and tag us on social. Download here.

For more information on Mental Health UK and how to take care of your mental wellbeing, please follow the link